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Re: nslu2 startup with automatic fat-slug detection

Marc Singer wrote:
> I'm curious if we want to allow APEX to automatically detect more
> memory on startup.  The code in APEX that reconfigures the memory
> controller and then scans memory to determine the amount of memory
> installed on the slug appears to be working properly in 64MiB and
> 128MiB slugs.  I'm working through testing the upgrade for APEX right
> now.
> The advantage of this is that people installing Debian would then be
> able to run without a swap partition if they have already upgraded the
> system memory.
> We can always change the environment once the system is installed.
> This is merely a convenience feature that will make for a better
> install experience for users who are enhancing their slugs.
> The only risk that I can see is if there is a memory configuration
> that this code doesn't properly detect.  I've never tested a 4-chip
> memory configuration myself, but I'm told by others that the existing
> code *does* detect the second bank of memory chips.

I'm all for apex reporting whatever memory it detects.  That's the only
way we will find any remaining bugs.  Someone who is replacing RAM chips
in an embedded device should be a person who will not be totally
surprised if there is an outstanding bug in a configuration that has not
been well tested.

BTW, we have tested Apex 1.5.6 on a 256MB slug too, and it seems to work
well (ask Rob Lockhart for the chip configuration details).  That one
also has a 16MB flash replacement.  We're calling it an "ObeseSlug" :-)

-- Rod

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