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Re: Apache, PHP and Mysql on NSLU2

On Fri, 2007-06-22 at 17:07 -0400, Aaron Klein wrote:
> I belive I know why the mysql install is bombing out.  Apparently its
> trying to install the x11-common package as it says its a dependancy
> of mysql-server.  I suspect it bombs out since the slug has no video
> output device.  Any idea how to get around this?

Sorry, no. That's to your first statement. The x11-common package is NOT
a dependency of mysql-server. The build-deps are build dependencies.
That means that if you want to build the mysql server from source with
all the mysql packages (including, probably, a gui thingy) you need the
build-deps and thus x11-common. In answer to your previous mail, you
DON'T need to say yes to that question. You don't need to install
build-deps at all. If you just apt-get mysql-server, you can see the
'real' dependencies and x11 and things like that are just not a part of

What happens if you apt-get some other package, say, courier-imap. You
can remove --purge it later. No errors at all?

What happens if you apt-get --reinstall debconf perl ?

What does dpkg -l mysql\* say?

Good luck,


BTW: I installed some xpackages and can start X applications on my slug
over ssh without any problems. It doesn't bomb out because it has no
video card. The nice thing about the X server is that it is perfectly
content to just serve graphical content to your local video card.

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