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RE: GP2X hardware platform

Hi Hector,

>Could you tell what exactly propriety binary modules are shipped with
>the 2.4 firmware?

I do not have the code to hand but in simple terms it is all the control
logic for decoding video using the ARM940t second core and undisclosed
features of the hardware (MPEG acceleration, various accelerated decoding
features etc.).

They are not in a module 'per say', rather an open source loader
(/dev/dualcpu, code is in Open2x's public SVN if your interested) that then
loads the firmware BLOB onto the 920/940 on demand via the module. 

Thinking about it you could in theory rework the dualcpu module to play with
2.6 and still load the firmware to the correct place but I think you would
be taking on an uphill struggle and I think other aspects of 2.6 would cause
problems if any sort of compatibility was a goal (not saying that has to be
a goal mind you, just that it seems odd to alienate existing users).



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