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Re: Slow downloads: NSLU2

Just to add a little to the confusion, I got these results from a quick
test on my Debian slug:

Client: WinXP, CuteFTP
Server: NSLU2 (overclocked to 266MHz), vsftpd
Protocol: FTP

Read 857870336 bytes (838 MB) from slug: 7,55 MB/sec
Write 183083008 bytes (179 MB) to slug: 5,59 MB/sec

As mentioned, this was just a quick test, but I'm also running Samba on
this slug, and when I copy from the slug, the transfer rate is usually
around 6-7 MB/sec.

Writing is a bit slower, but I usually connect the usb-drive directly to
the computer I'm copying from to get the best transfer.


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