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Fwd: armel Performance

Is that 22.5 times faster, or 22.5% faster or what?  There seemed to be
a word or unit of some kind missing there.

Yes that is 22.5 times faster.

Here, I dug out the mail they sent me:

"I'm getting about a factor of 22 improvement: from 0.56 mflops on
<200Mhz Atmark Armadillo ARM920T, debian etch 4 arm card> to 12.2
mflops on <233MHz Compaq iPAQ h1940 (also arm920t), debian armel> for
size 1024 complex FFT in single precision, with fftw 3.2alpha2.  (For
size 64, I get a factor of 23, from .595 mflops to size 13.93.)"

I got 11 times faster, running lame as a test. I guess they must be
more FP intensive. If you factor in the MHz difference, that's a 19.3
times system speed improvement. I think we can call it 20 :)




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