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Re: NSLU2 with WIFI

En/na Joakkinen ha escrit:
I haven´t a authentication problem. My network is completely open. No
Wep, no wpa, ... nothing :(

So I have no idea. Sorry Joakkinen, I can't help you

PS: Yes. I speak spanish (very well ;-))
You see this ...

wlan1: Initial auth_alg=0
wlan1: authenticate with AP 00:17:9a:f3:f6:03
wlan1: RX authentication from 00:17:9a:f3:f6:03 (alg=0 transaction=2
wlan1: authenticated
wlan1: associate with AP 00:17:9a:f3:f6:03
wlan1: associate with AP 00:17:9a:f3:f6:03
wlan1: associate with AP 00:17:9a:f3:f6:03
wlan1: association with AP 00:17:9a:f3:f6:03 timed out

I saw with the utility modconf the modules available and there are
several cards that would have to be "plug and play". with the kernel

Some of those is sold at the moment?


p.d: dxpublica@telefonica.net?

Can you speak spanish? :)

El lun, 30-04-2007 a las 10:59 +0200, Xan escribió:
En/na Joakkinen ha escrit:

I have a NSLU2 and I want to connect it to my wireless network. I have
several wireless cards based on the chip rt2570 or rt73. I compiled the
modules rt2570, and rt2x00 with module-assistant and put the firmware in
the directory /lib/firmware and the card seems that it works. I can
detect my access point (iwlist scan) but I can`t associated with it.
dmesg say this ...
Hi Joakkinen,

I'm not a developer. I'm just a desktop user.
I have too a rt2570 usb wifi and I'm planed to install it. I know that it's could be done with modules but I did not see the rt2x00 documentation yet.

Can you pointing me what do you dit exactly for install it? I will thank you very much

In reference to your question: if card seems that it works you have _only_ an authentication problem. I think it's a simple problem.

Do you use any authentication method in access point: wep, wpa, ?
What device is your wifi: ra0, eth1, ...?

Perhaps I could help you (but I don't promise it ;-))


wlan1: authentication with AP [ap mac] timed out

Now I am following these instructions ...

(section rt73)

... but they seem complicated.

Another question.

Exists ndiswrapper for arm arquitecture?


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