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alignment exception installing Etch


I'm installing Etch on Kendin/Micrel KS8695 system (ARM9). During the installation I get alignment exception messages when setting up libc6. Here this place from syslog:

Jan  1 00:18:42 debootstrap: Selecting previously deselected package libc6.
Jan 1 00:18:42 debootstrap: (Reading database ... 304 files and directories currently installed.) Jan 1 00:18:42 debootstrap: Unpacking libc6 (from .../libc6_2.3.6.ds1-13_arm.deb) ... Jan 1 00:18:58 debootstrap: dpkg: libc6: dependency problems, but configuring anyway as you request:
Jan  1 00:18:58 debootstrap:  libc6 depends on tzdata; however:
Jan  1 00:18:58 debootstrap:   Package tzdata is not installed.
Jan  1 00:18:58 debootstrap: Setting up libc6 (2.3.6.ds1-13) ...
Jan 1 00:18:59 kernel: Unhandled fault: alignment exception (0x003) at va 0x0004c896 mva 0x0004c896
Jan  1 00:18:59 kernel: pgd = c14b0000
Jan 1 00:18:59 kernel: [0004c896] *pgd=038fb801, *pmd = 038fb801, *pte = 036de0bf, *ppte = 036deffe Jan 1 00:18:59 debootstrap: /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.postinst: line 365: 26108 Illegal instruction iconvconfig Jan 1 00:19:01 debootstrap:

The installation executes till the end and Linux works properly after that. But I need to get rid of this messages. I tried kernel parameters: quiet loglevel=0. But I still see this messages. Has anyone experienced such problems?

Thanx .

Best regards,
Yegor Yefremov

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