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Re: Differences in Debian arm versions for NSLU - homework for LUG talk

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          Rod Whitby <rod@whitby.id.au> wrote:

> Debian armeb (old ABI) is effectively dead as far as I am concerned, and
> I've not seen anyone able to compile nslu2 firmware with armeb EABI yet
> (I've tried and failed myself using OpenEmbedded).

I've build openwrt EABI, which has more than a number of similarties
with OE for IXP425, and it worked just fine.  OE I think has more stuff
it builds.

> Some talk about relative networking speed of BE and LE on the NSLU2, but
> if you're looking for blazing network speed, then don't use an NSLU2 in
> the first place, cause the slow USB disk access is the bottleneck anyway.

I've heard the claim about networking speed, and we've done extensive
testing of lots of types of networking combinations under Linux on
IXP425 and other machines.  The evidence is that it's not at all
relevant.  Much more important are things like I/O speed above, CPU
speed, and also things like NAT can have a big impact (also on slow x86
systems).   Even then, we have to be talking 100Mbit speeds.

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