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Re: Re: NSLU2

Hi Javier

On 3/14/07, Joakkinen <joakkinen@gmail.com> wrote:
I am following those instructions. The two images give me the same
problem. I installed my nslu2 successfully with the previous installer
version, when the installer-rc1 worked.

Before when the ssh-server was available, nslu2 sounds several times.
But with rc2 it doesn`t do it.

Do you really want to reinstall? If you have already installed Debian
on your NSLU2 using a previous installer image, you don't need to
reinstall using the latest installer image. You can just run 'apt-get
update' and 'apt-get dist-upgrade' as root to ensure that you have an
up to date system.

If you do want to reinstall, I would reload the original Linksys
firmware onto the NSLU2, and use the web interface to ensure that it
is configured to use DHCP. Then, load the image from
www.slug-firmware.net (don't use the image from people.debian.org).

What program (e.g. upslug2) are you using to upload the images to your
NSLU2? Also, do you have any other network adapters attached to the
NSLU2? For instance, a USB to Ethernet adapter or a USB to Wifi


Gordon Farquharson

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