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Re: apex-nslu2-1.4.14

* Rod Whitby <rod@whitby.id.au> [2007-02-05 07:21]:
> Assuming this build of apex puts the environment in the same block as
> apex itself, are the debian scripts padding that block with FFs or
> zeros?  If the latter, that would explain it.

Ah, thanks.  I remember this discussion now.  Yes, it's padding with

Is the APEX environment supposed to be in the same mtd block as APEX
itself?  Wasn't the original idea to hide it in the FIS directory?
Once I know these details, I can try to integrate this new version
properly (but that's after etch anyway).

Doesn't mean having the APEX environment in the APEX block mean that
we overwrite user changes with each upgrade of APEX (at least if we
simply wrote the new APEX binary to flash and padded it; I guess we
could use more trickery and use apex-env to read the environment, then
write APEX to flash and then set the environment again).

Sorry, I'm aware that you and Marc had quite a bit of discussion about
this, but I didn't follow the discussion at that time... I suppose
we in Debian could just wait and then copy whatever nslu2-linux.org
does. ;-)
Martin Michlmayr

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