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Re: debian-etch and ssh disconnects

On Thursday 18 January 2007 09:31, you wrote:
> * Laz <laz@club-burniston.co.uk> [2007-01-17 23:31]:
> > Where can I get the 2.6.18-4-ixp4xx kernel package to see if it
> > fixes my problems too? I can only see my current 2.6.18-3-ixp4xx
> > image at the moment (through apt).
> It's not available yet but will hopefully be uploaded soon.

Been running 2.6.18-4-ixp4xx for a bit now and it seems to have solved all 
of my nfs hangups.


It is so much nicer having a proper Debian installation on this thing than 
Unslung! One thing I have noticed, though, is that if I ssh into my 
Unslung Slug I get a shell instantly (running bash rather than busybox). 
If I ssh into my Debian slug, I get the motd and the last login time, and 
then it waits for about 5 seconds before giving me a shell (also bash). 
Does anyone else have this delay or am I on my own with this one?! 

Everything else is fine so maybe I can just ignore it!



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