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Re: Problem installing debian ARM on nslu2

* Sidi <Sidi@indermuehle.net> [2007-01-26 00:29]:
> the unofficial binary file from http://www.slug-firmware.net/ whith i flashed
> successfully onto the nslu2. However, the installation stops at a given point
> during the download of the packages for the base-system. When I change
> download-mirrors, little changes.
> Below is the syslog from the slug. Can anyone help? Thank
> you very much.

This looks pretty wrong.

 - Can you repeat this problem?

 - Are you sure you downloaded the RC1 installer from
   http://www.slug-firmware.net/ and not the old beta version?

 - Can you try with a different disk/usb stick?

Martin Michlmayr

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