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Re: arm eabi port available

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 02:01:27AM +0100, Lennert Buytenhek wrote:

> The deb repository, with close to 9000 packages, is located at

The first compile pass through the archive (started 10 days ago)
finished this morning, and there's now 9877 debs successfully built
(while there were around 1500 when this pass started.)  Not counting
the build failures and packages with unsatisfied dependencies, that's
about 830 successfully built packages per day.  Also, due to me using
it for other things, the fastest of the four build machines was not
building anything for about 3 or 4 days.

> gcc currently segfaults (not ICEs, but segfaults) when natively
> building libfortran.  This needs looking into.

The ARM EABI gcc also doesn't build libffi or libobjc, although not a
lot of stuff depends on this.  The fact that there's no fortran is a
bigger issue, as there's a lot of packages that (indirectly)
build-depend on the fortran compiler.

ltrace needs to be taught about the new (system) call convention.
(It also uses DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE (for checking sysdeps) where it

mono bombs out with a build failure (can't find the build log right
now.)  Help appreciated.

The ocaml ARM code generator emits FPA floating point instructions.
Someone with ocaml programming experience should have a look at this.

strace needs to be taught about the new system call convention.

> A migration path for current old-ABI Debian users needs to be worked out.

The way I switched one of my boxes over to EABI was to put an EABI root
fs in /newroot, and then have a perl script move the directories in / to
/oldroot and the directories in /newroot to /.  I doubt this is a good
solution for most users, though.

> I have to verify that the diffs available indeed build cleanly.

I've natively rebuilt gcc once and glibc about four times in the
last three days, and they both build fine from source with the
supplied patches.

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