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Re: APEX and the it's environment

Slugimage always pads with 0xff's - it must be the debian flash-kernel script which is padding with zeros.
-- Rod

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From: Marc Singer <elf@buici.com>
Date: Sunday, Jan 14, 2007 9:17 am
Subject: APEX and the it's environment

I've fixed the endian-ness of the environment (APEX) writing code and
I've repaired the program I wrote some time ago to show the
environment from user space.  I was about to add write support to this application when I noticed that the Loader partition is filled with
zeros.  Now, it looks like the best place to put the environent is in the same block as the loader.  It can be moved at a later date, but
when we moved it from the partition table block to accomodate the
kernel's naive parsing of partition table entries it seems prudent to put it where we know it won't be disturbed.

So, in order to use *any* region of flash, the block must be filled with 0xff's.  Can one you make sure that the image creator fills with
0xff's instead of zeroes?  At least for the Loader?


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