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Re: debian-etch and ssh disconnects

At 2007-01-11 22:01, elf@buici.com said:

> I just installed debian-etch to a slug so I can use it for
> development.  It has the peculiar habit of disconnecting my ssh
> session when I do work, e.g. compiling, installing packages.
> Another console that is just used to watch the processes has no
> problems.  I have swap and it doesn't seem to use much more than
> 1MiB of swap in any case.
> This is with version of the kernel.
> Is this something others have seen?

using the same kernel, and with previous ones, i've definitely seen
this behavior.  It looks to me like it might be related to any
longstanding TCP session (not just ssh), but i haven't had the time to
really nail it down and figure out what the story is.

I'm wondering if it has to do with de-underclocking, though.  are you
one of the folks who has boosted yer slug to 233Mhz?  i've only been
able to trigger this on the slug i've done this to, and it hasn't yet
happened on a different slug that's still at the boring old 133Mhz.
Of course, the machines have different specific jobs as well, so it's
not a fair comparison.

my immediate workaround is to always do my work within a screen
session ("apt-cache show screen" if you're not familiar with this
great tool), and then i can just reconnect and pick up where i left
off if there's a break.

I'm happy to try to help gather data for debugging if someone will
tell me what they want to see.  i'd definitely like to see this
misbehavior go away.


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