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Re: Nslu2 reflash image

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Admir Trakic <atrakic@itu.dk> [2007-01-05 10:46]:
>> Thx, Martin. I'll try that later this evening.
>> Just to kill my curiosity: shouldn't installer automatically create
>> appropriate block devices for USB-drive?
> They are there but the installer uses a devfs like scheme in udev for
> backwards compatibility so they may not have the names you're used to.

I've tryed to reflash the kernel this weekend, but I couldn't find
/dev/scsi nor /dev/disk, though dmesg rapported event of finding the
disk drive. Additionally /dev/bus/usb/ tree was there, but I couldn't
figure out how to use it?

I have started the installer with the other USB_drive, and after
entering the shell /dev/scsi & /dev/disk trees ware not found.

Could mount mtdblock as jffs2 be an option for my kernel-reflash?? - ( I
havn't tryed that, but just now crossed my mind...)

So obviously the deb installer found from debian-etch-rc1-20061102.zip
is not **that** transparent tool in order to reflash kernel-image and
rescue my idle system.

//admir trakic

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