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Re: Debian on the thecus n2100

* Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd@spring.luon.net> [2006-10-12 00:08]:
>     * Is it possible to use access the machine's redboot via telnet. I know
>       that it's possible on the NSLU2, but i haven't seen reports about it on
>       an n2100.

No, it doesn't work because no IP address is set in the firmware.

>     * I digged around in d-i svn to see how the installer support was. It seems
>       one can install d-i on the machine as a firmware upgrade. But i couldn't 
>       find the needed preseed info for it to actually enabled the
>       network-console, like there is for example for the glantank. Did i miss
>       something or is the support just not quite there yet ?

oldsys-preseed is included in the netboot image (or rather, should
be... I noticed it wasn't and just added it).  It will read the values
from your existing firmware and re-use those.

>     * If something fails during the install, is there some way to hard reset
>       the box and have it return to the original firmware. Or is redbooting
>       another kernel/initrd from tftp the only option in that case?

In that case, you definitely have a problem, yes... you'd have to
start the installer again and fix things this way.  I'm not aware of a
way to flash the system via the network or something like that.

In any case, installations on Thecus N2100 should basically (almost)
work.  I added a script to flash the kernel/initrd recently but
couldn't test it properly because it still had to pass NEW.  Another
problem is that Ethernet doesn't currently work so you'll need a USB
Ethernet dongle.

I'm away from my N2100 at the moment but I'll do a test installation
in about 2 weeks and fix the remaining issues.
Martin Michlmayr

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