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arm build failures due to unsatisfied build-dependencies


could someone please requeue libaqbanking for building on arm?
kmymoney2 and qbankmanager could use a dep-wait "libaqbanking16 >= 2.2.0-1".

More generally, I think that given that the arm needs-build queue is empty
at the moment (and has been yesterday) and that time for individual
inspection of build failures seems to be more precious than buildd cpu
cycles it could be a good idea to bulk requeue all build maybe-failures
with unsatisfiable build dependencies. As of now (according to my clumsy
processing of Jeroen's status pages), that set of packages is the the

asterisk balsa beagle beaglefs belocs-locales-bin belpic bfilter cacao
cairo-java caudium config-manager curlftpfs design devhelp dmachinemon
drivel eclipse ekiga emms epiphany-browser evolution-exchange
evolution-jescs evolution-sharp exiv2 flamerobin freetennis fseries fst
gaim-encryption gaim-extendedprefs gaim-librvp gfpoken glib-java gnat-4.1
gnome-mag gnumeric gpsim-lcd gpsim-led gpsim-logic gretl gsf-sharp
gst0.10-python gtksourceview gxine hplip hpodder hydrogen ifeffit jpilot
kbarcode kde-style-polyester kdetv kdmtheme keep kerry kflickr kile
kmymoney2 kwin-decor-suse2 lasso libapache-mod-removeip libaqbanking
libgetenv-java libgksu libglademm2.4 libgnujaxp-java libgtk-java libpano12
liferea lingot mail-notification mimms mozilla-bonobo multisync
nautilus-sendto network-manager nmap noweb ocamlcreal osgal-cvs oxine pan
pcmanx-gtk2 pike-public.network.pcap pike-public.parser.xml2 plptools
postgresql-pljava pykdeextensions qbankmanager revelation rkward scgi
scorched3d seahorse showimg solfege stardict subcommander swingwt swt-gtk
synfigstudio systemtap tomboy unfs3 videolink wings3d xfce4-radio-plugin
xfe xmlsec1 yate yelp

This list has been obtained by grepping build-logs for
"Source-dependencies not satisfied".

Kind regards and thanks in advance

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.de/

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