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Re: apex-1.4.5

* Rod Whitby <rod@whitby.id.au> [2006-08-20 06:48]:
> The idea I have is that the Linux userland tools which deal with
> upgrading kernel and ramdisk for NSLU2 can use the following simple
> rules
> 1/ Find the mtd partition corresponding to "Kernel".
> 2/ Grab the full contents of that partition.
> 3/ Strip of the SerComm header (it's guaranteed to always be there,
> irrespective of bootloader).
> 4/ If it's larger than 1MB, then strip out the SerComm header at the 1MB
> mark (it's guaranteed to always be there, irrespective of bootloader).
> 5/ Steps 1 to 3 apply for the "Ramdisk" partition too.
> Hmm - that makes me wonder how a Linux userland tool will update skip
> regions in the FIS dir - I'm not sure that the FIS dir area is writeable
> from userland ...

Why would you need to update the FIS dir?  After all, the skip regions
don't change.

I was thinking of the following method:

 - take the new kernel, check the size
 - if it's larger thab 1 MB, check whether mtd has a Kernel1 and Kernel2
   a) Take the size of Kernel1 from /proc/mtd (-16 byte for the header),
   split the kernel and write it to Kernel1 and the rest to Kernel2.
   b) Write the kernel to Kernel
 - write the ramdisk to Ramdisk

> > Probably, we have sufficient agreement to move one.
> I think we do, but I'll try and get to IRC when you're there in case
> there is anything else we need to clarify.  Hopefully Martin can be
> there too.

Just ping me and I'll respond if I'm around.
Martin Michlmayr

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