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I posted a new version of apex.  This version boots the test2 image
as-is.  I haven't flashed apex into this image, but it works when I
load APEX into RAM and run it.  APEX copies the kernel and ramdisk,
waits one second, and then boots the kernel.  After a few minutes, I
am told that I can log in via ssh.

The kernel command line is 

  console=ttyS0,115200 noirqdebug

The commands that apex uses to copy the kernel and ramdisk are

  copy -s fis://kernel  0x00008000
  copy -s fis://ramdisk 0x01000000 

I'm still working on writing to the APEX environment.

Verson 1.4.4 of apex has made it's way into the archive.  I'll send an
updated for 1.4.5.


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