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Re: NSLU2 Linux

* Szafran <szafran_cien@poczta.onet.pl> [2006-08-18 00:01]:
> I'm using Debian on NSLU2. Great job by the way. I was wondering if
> i replace the memory chips and place in larger replacements will the
> debian recognize and use the extended memory ??

Not by default, no.  I assume that you can change the cmd line passed
to the kernel by RedBoot if you have a serial console but I'm not
entirely sure.  I'm CCing Rod Whitby who probably knows.

Once we use move to using APEX as the 2nd stage boot loader, I assume
it will automatically recognize your memory if you simply added another
bank and pass the correct parameter to the kernel.  Marc, is this
Martin Michlmayr

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