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Re: apex minutia

On Tue, Aug 15, 2006 at 10:47:20PM +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Marc Singer <elf@buici.com> [2006-08-14 11:05]:
> > Martin, you asked that I remove the root=/dev/ram option from the
> > default kernel command line stored by APEX.  I wonder if this is
> > really a good idea.
> > 
> > If it doesn't matter to initramfs (that which you plan to use) and it
> > allows for an initrd, and it won't impede booting to the target root
> > filesystem, what is the harm?
> > 
> > Put another way, might it not be wise to *allow* the use of an initrd
> > ramdisk?
> People can always manually pass a root=/dev/ram parameter if they need
> to start an initrd.  

And I don't understand this either.  How is someone going to pass
anything manually without a serial console?

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