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Re: APEX, NSLU2, skip stuff

On Sunday 13 August 2006 23:20, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Marc Singer <elf@buici.com> [2006-08-13 15:14]:
> > > What should the commands lines be for both the installer and the
> > > runtime?
> >
> > I a bit confused by this.  What *should* be the command line?  If we
> > use an initrd, is the command line root= going to be used?
> > Moreover, if you are going to assign variables in the APEX
> > environment, what do you plan to set or change?
> If you use an _initrd_, the command line has to be root=/dev/ram,
> otherwise the kernel won't find it.  However, if you use an initramfs
> it will be loaded even without such a parameter.  In the case of
> debian-installer, this means that root= doesn't have to exist or can
> even be bogus (e.g. point to the disk).  In terms of booting from
> disk, it would be good to set root (via the APEX environment).
> However, if this is not possible then I can hard-code it into the
> initramfs used to boot from disk.
> In short:
>  debian-installer:
>    - can use an initrd or an initramfs
>        - initrd -> requires root=/dev/ram
>        - initramfs -> doesn't matter
>    - I intend to use an initramfs
One thing that does need looking at (I had this problem with openwrt
on a MIPS box) is that I am not at all sure that objcopy is working
properly.  While initramfs gets built properly if done as part of the
kernel linking, if you try to update the initramfs section using objcopy
it fails.  I never really got to the bottom of it but I think it is 
not relocating subsequent sections properly.  Someone who understands
objcopy and ELF sections properly (i.e. not me who only has a superficial
knowledge of it) needs to review this, and then write up a definative

I realise that normally a static build as part of the kernel will work
for those building their own kernel, but for those trying to use stock
kernels not having the objcopy option will hamper its usefulness.

>  boot from disk:
>    - root= used to tell the boot process where to boot from
>    - can be overriden by hard-coding it into the initramfs
>    - If possible, root= should be set via the APEX environment
>    - If this is not possible, I'll hard-code it into the initramfs
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> Martin Michlmayr
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