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Re: APEX, NSLU2, skip stuff

On Sun, Aug 13, 2006 at 06:27:16PM +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Marc Singer <elf@buici.com> [2006-08-12 09:25]:
> > Also, you made a couple of comments about the apex package in an
> > email that I'm unable to find.  I recall that the changelog had the
> > wrong version number and that the control file specified the wrong
> > name of the source package.  Was there anything else?
> That's what I mentioned so far.
> It would also be good to put "noirqdebug" in the cmd line passed by
> APEX to the kernel (only in the Debian nslu2 config).

OK.  I'll add that.

> It would be good to have a setenv.

That's next.  I'd like to have something that boots first so that I
can make it do-the-right-thing(tm).  My plan is for the setenv to look
for APEX in flash so that it can get the right location for the
environment.  I wonder if we have a chicken and egg sort of problem.
What I *think* I can do is use the image you gave me to do some
testing.  I need to be able to get a program onto the system to test.
I suspect there is no NPE driver, so I'll have to look for a USB
network adapter.

> At the moment, APEX passed root=/dev/ram to Linux.  I think this can
> be removed but this needs to be tested first.

What should the commands lines be for both the installer and the

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