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Re: apex-1.3.31 and sercomm flash header

Marc Singer wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 05, 2006 at 12:44:53AM +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>> copy kernel code from flash to RAM
>> copy ramdisk file from flash to RAM
>> $T0a0f:00020650;0d:0003ddc0;#a4
>> However, it works after changing the size to 8 blocks.
>> Given that the loader/APEX partition has to be 8 blocks (1048576
>> bytes), it might be a good idea to put the APEX environment in there
>> as well.
> Actually, there is another way we can handle this.  The partition for
> this region can overlap other regions.  So, we let the region where
> APEX resides be 8 blocks, but the next partition starts one block from
> the start of this partition.

I agree.  We should use overlapping partitions instead of using 1MB for
the second stage bootloader.  We have previously used this technique for
the Unslung firmware to fool the Linksys binaries, so we know that it
doesn't confuse the linux mtd code.

We also have the source code for the Linksys modifications to RedBoot,
so we can look at that to see if there is another way to fool the
Linksys RedBoot 'boot' command.

>>>   2) We would like to be able to add a partition for the second stage
>>>      loader, in this case APEX.
>>> I can see that we need or may need the following:
>>>   1) A new option, -L | --loader to add a second stage loader.
>> Yes, I've implemented this now and have successfully flashed an image
>> with APEX, Linux and a ramdisk.  I've attached the patch.
>> Rod, can you please review the patch.

Will do.

-- Rod

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