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Re: apex-1.3.31 and sercomm flash header

* Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> [2006-08-05 01:00]:
> I thought of putting both APEX and the Linux kernel in one partition
> and have APEX read the offset of the Linux kernel from the end of
> the partition but I fear that this won't work either because the
> partition can probably not be *longer* than 8 blocks either (but I
> haven't tested this).

Actually, that seems to work.

So the idea would be to put the following information in the "Kernel"
FIS partition starting at 0x60000:

Sercomm flash trailer
APEX boot loader
Linux kernel
APEX environment
Offset of Linux kernel

RedBoot would then load APEX, APEX could look for the "Kernel" FIS
partition, read the last 4 bytes and interpret that as the offset of
the Linux kernel in the "Kernel" FIS partition.  It would then load
fis://kernel@offset and fis://ramdisk@16 into memory.

Sound reasonable?  Rod, would this approach be okay for the NSLU2
Martin Michlmayr

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