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Re: cirrus ep93xx support (was: Re: Debian ARM success story: Debian desktop on a TS-7300)

The current advantage of Maverick over something like iWMMXt, considering that Debian is still hardfpa, is that Maverick is on coprocessors 4,5,6 so it doesn't conflict with FPA, whereas if you want to use iWMMXt at all, you have to use either softfloat or EABI for everything because it conflicts with FPA.

Even though FPA and Maverick doesn't conflict in hardware aspect, it is still impossible to mix both in the same dynamically linked executable. The problems are numerous, but think about the data representation in the memory (and within the FPUs), C argument passing, return values (as per current GCC convention), etc.

The only sane way of using Maverick code is by having it in a statically linked executable. This, however, implies that the corresponding libc has been built with Maverick support. AFAIK the only GCC version that generates working Crunch code is 3.4.3 after applying this:


patch. I didn't keep an eye on the recent GCC development in terms of Maverick Crunch, so i may be wrong about this part.


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