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I released apex-1.3.30.  It has an fis driver such that commands like
those below will work:

  apex> copy fis://kernel $bootaddr

The fis driver needs to be told where the fis directory is located.
The debian-nslu2 configuration use nor:0x7e0000+4k as the region for
the directory.

There is a script in the debian/ directory called headerize.  You can
use it to append a 16 byte header to the apex.bin file such that
Redboot will load it.  I've verified that Redboot will load APEX if it
is headerized and stored in the kernel partition on a slug.

The debian configs put the user modifiable environment into the last
block of flash where the fis directory is stored.  The environment
starts 16KiB from the end of the block.  This leaves 108KiB free if we
decide that this is a good place for an NPE firmware image.


There are new instructions there on using the FIS driver as well.

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