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Re: APEX and Debian

On Sat, Jul 15, 2006 at 01:51:09AM +0200, Kevin Price wrote:
> Hey Martin!
> > My idea was to put APEX in that 1 MB space and use that to load the
> > real Linux kernel from another location in flash,
> What annoys me the most about my debian-slug is that I'm stuck with the
> 2.6.15-1-nslu2 kernel because I don't know how to flash my own. Not only are
> IPv6 or usbfs unusable, but any custom option is impossible, not to speak of
> security issues.
> My suggestion: Why not make a bootloader that loads a kernel from the disk? The
> static kernel in flash should do nothing else than scan the first disk for a
> /boot/nslu2boot.conf file, (for instance) read the real kernel location and
> commandline from it at boot it.
> Only this gives the users the necessary possibilities.
> This is only my 2¢, I hope this inspires you and I would be glad to help. IF you
> think my idea is a bad idea, I write you some advantages.

We have about 3MiB of flash available to do whatever we want with the
kernel, as long as we don't want a flash resident filesystem.

So, I believe there is plenty of flash to implement an initramfs.
This filesystem could load modules from wherever you need them loaded
and then pivot_root to the bonafide rootfs.

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