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Re: ARM EABI port: minimum CPU choice

> Mind u, even on v4t they will probably lose out worse in code size by
> having 2 extra instructions in every function than they would ever
> gain by interworking with thumb...
> so i guess LDM it is. That *does* exist and work on v4[t], true?


The only way to do interworking on v4t is to use bx, which implies the three
instruction sequence. Yes, this really sucks, which is why it was fixed in
v5 :-)

Sorry, I meant that the least bad option seems to be the LDM
suggestion, and say "sorry guys, no thumb interworking on armv4t"
rather than have ThumbInt work on ARMv4t at the expense of two extra
instructions for everyone.

Am I right in thinking that using just bare LDM means that the distro
will work on v4 and above, but Thumb interworking will only be usable
with ARMv5t and above?


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