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installing debian-armeb on a new device / where to get the base filesystem?

Recently I bought a Freecom FSG device.

It has 64 MB RAM, 266 MHz ARM CPU, built-in HDD, 4 ethernet ports, 4 USB ports, 1 SATA port.

Quite powerful as for a small device, I'd say it's enough to replace some old servers.

It runs some sort of Linux (big-endian), but I thought it would be a better idea to try to run Debian-armeb on this device.

To do this, I would need some sort of a "base filesystem" of a Debian-armeb installation - that is, a minimal install, to which I could chroot.

I found something similar on Martin Michlmayr's website - http://www.cyrius.com/debian/bcm947xx/wgt634u/ - a minimal Debian-mipsel system in a tar.bz2 package.

Is it possible to get such a minimal tar.bz2 package for Debian-armeb?
I don't have any other ARM machine where I could copy it from.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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