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crosscompiling for the slug


As I can't file some modules corresponding to the kernel installed
with debian, as as I will need a crosscompiling environment anyway for
different purposes, I decided to try to build it from scratch,
following the instructions in


When running

	make debianslug

I reach the point to compile the crosscompiler which breaks

	/slug/debianslug/tmp/work/gcc-cross-initial-3.4.4-r3/gcc-3.4.4/ \
	: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault

Is this the infamous signal 11 problem which used to indicate fauly
memories? Or did I miss something on the way? Is there a more debian
like way to do this? Is it really that damn difficult to make
bluetooth work on the NSLU2 and having a crosscompiling environment to
compile a hello-world type programm?



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