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New Joe Becker album featuring Jason Becker

"Short Stories", the latest disc from Joe Becker features 14 tracks of guitar 
instrumental fusion - the likes of which could previously only be found peppered 
across entire instrumental guitar album collections.

A fusion of Rock, Blues and Soul with the slightest, ever so tasteful touch of 
metal Short Stories is highly recommended to fans of Blues, Rock and Fusion.

With Jim Beyer handling drum duties, keboard maestro Tim Warrington makes a 
guest appearance on track 4 and the legendary Jason Becker (of David Lee Roth 
and Cacophony) makes a guest appearance on track 11, ripping it up like only he 

One year in the making, the Short Stories disc is an incredible album by this 
gifted guitarist and composer.

What Mike Varney had to say after hearing the album : "Becker is a very 
versatile player who runs the gauntlet from shred to ear-catching instrumentals, 
at times bringing to mind players such as Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson." Guitar 
Player Magazine 2005.


track listing

1. (you were) Never The One
2. Silly Things
3. Blues For Drinkin'
4. Sunday Afternoon
5. Regarding Lennon
6. Thoughts
7. Intermission
8. Fill 'er up
9. Little Brother
10. Sweet Old Fashioned Blues [featuring Jason Becker]
11. Sweet Melissa
12. Just Like In The Movies
13. Martin's Old Uke
14. Blues For Drinkin' No. 9

total running time - 41:27

Visit the link below to buy :



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