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Re: gcc 3.3 java (and objective c?) fix for 2.6 arm kernels


Lennert Buytenhek wrote:

Hi all,

FYI, the attached patch (to the debian sarge gcc-3.3 package) stops
binaries generated by gcj-3.3 from segfaulting at startup on 2.6 arm


Since gcc 3.3 is no longer maintained, and debian sid doesn't ship
gcj-3.3 anymore, it's not much use submitting bugs with either the gcc
or the debian project, but I _have_ filed a debian bug for the libgc
package (bugs.debian.org/335816) since this also affects a number of
other packages that depend on libgc.

Not sure I understand your "gcc 3.3. is no longer maintained" comment, since gcj-3.3.5 ships with sarge (which suggests that it hasn't been completely abandoned). Are you implying that we won't be seeing a working gcj sarge package for ARM?


Bill Gatliff

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