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Re: Re: Announcing an intention to produce an armeb port of Debian

Op do, 13-10-2005 te 19:39 +0300, schreef Velin Pavlov:
> Hi,
> I was reading the debian-weekly-news when I came across your
> email to leader@debonaras.org. <mailto:leader%40debonaras.org> about a 
> request for one (or a few)
> machines to be setup as buildd for armeb.
> I have one slug, with 512kbit internet (unlimited by volume) plus
> sarge source on local 250GB disk. The slug is on UPS and is up
> 24/7. It is behind a firewall (a WRT54). The slug serves
> http://vel.homedns.org. It's a turbo-slug (266), with 32Mb RAM.
> I am willing to bootstrap the machine (chroot, sudo whatever)
> so you could use it as a buildd. If you are interested, please
> contact me as vel@netissat.bg, velinp@yahoo.com or
> velin.pavlov@bulatsa.com.

Currently there are two armeb buildd machines set up, though one is
having issues.

I do think this might be a good idea; what do other ARM people think?
(Cc set).

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pavement is precisely one bananosecond

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