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armeb patches for debian unstable

Privet vsem!

I've started building binutils/gcc/glibc for debian unstable on
armeb.  I have binutils 2.16.1cvs20050902 and gcc 3.3 built, gcc
3.4 is finishing right now, and then I'll tackle building gcc 4.0.

The patches I'm making will be published at:

So far:
- The binutils patch is what I needed to get it to compile with gcc
  3.3 but isn't meant to go upstream.  I should try and rebuild this
  package with gcc 4.0 when that completes.
- The patch for gcc 3.3 is mostly identical to the one for sarge and
  contains the following:
  - some hunks that add the notion of 'armeb' to debian/*;
  - the patch that is linked to on http://gcc.gnu.org/PR22528
    to prevent generation of incorrect code on -mbig-endian; and
  - a patch to default gcc to big-endian on arm*b-*-* targets.
- The patch for gcc 3.4 is also mostly identical to the one for sarge
  and contains everything above but the PR22528 fix, since this fix
  is in the 3.4 branch.

BTW, we have armeb crosscompiler packages for debian stable on:

(http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/DebianSlug/CrossCompiling describes
the procedure that we used in building these.)


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