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Re: attempt at a big-endian debian ARM 'port'

I never managed to compile any applications for my Arcom ARM big-endian board using scratchbox.
I had before another little-endian board, and it was no problem.
In fact, there was no suitable big-endian cross-compilation scratchbox package available, and the procedure to build its own was really difficult.
Thus, to work with scratchbox, your platform must accept little-endian elf binaries for arm (though there is also a compiler for ppc).
Unfortunatelly, because it is really a good tool, making the job easy when you must build a complex package containing automake, configure, etc...

2005/8/31, Lennert Buytenhek <buytenh@wantstofly.org>:
On Sat, Aug 27, 2005 at 09:29:21PM -0500, Bill Gatliff wrote:

> Lennert:


> >Over the weekend I'll try to set up an automatic 'rebuild the entire
> >debian sarge package archive' system, and I guess we'll then just have
> >to wait a few weeks until everything builds.
> Might a scratchbox system help get started?
> http://www.scratchbox.org/

We're already bootstrapped and all, so what I'd rather see now would
be a buildd network.  There's about 1800 armeb packages right now, and
so most of the prerequisites for most of the packages are there, it's
just a matter of getting the rest built.


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