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Re: drivers for USB webcams

Riku Voipio wrote:

>On Sun, Aug 28, 2005 at 03:14:18PM -0700, Lee wrote:
>>I'm looking at starting a project that will take video input from
>>multiple usb based webcams. I understand that some webcam manufacturers
>>supplied x86 based object files for linux drivers so they didn't have
>>to release information on interfacing to their products. Are there
>>anyopen source (or Arm based) drivers for any brands of USB webcams
>>contained in the Debian package? I'm particularly interested in any
>>cams that have pan/tilt/zoom capability. Thanks in advance.
>The two most common webcam chips, pwc[1] and ov511[1] have open-source
>drivers. PWC driver used to have binary-only "decompressor" module,
>that allowed higher framerate and/or resolution while losing some
>image quality. That code has been since reverse-engineered, and is
>available in source format.
>As far as I know, only "Logitech QuickCam Sprehe", using driver
>pwc has pan/tilt/zoom suppport, but it's image quality isn't stellar
>and the device is quite expensive for it's features. 
>Since most webcams use usb 1.1 bus, you will run out of USB bandwith,
>if you try to read video from more than one webcam at a time. You might 
>want to consider network-based cameras, such like "Linksys WVC54G" 
>or any of the Axis cameras.
>[1] http://www.saillard.org:8080/linux/pwc/
>[2] http://alpha.dyndns.org/ov511/
What do you use for viewing multiple camera streams
and has the viewing software been ported to run on a
variety of architectures, including arm? x86? AMD64?


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