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SD/MMC on PB-ARM926EJ-S linux 2.6.12


This is regarding my post on SD/MMC on the


I would like to know if anyone is using the SD/MMC on
this versatile PB-ARM926EJ-S board with linux 2.6.12.

I have enabled the options here in the kernel .config:

[*] MMC Support
[ ] MMC debugging
[*] MMC block device driver
[*] ARM AMBA Multimeda Card Interface support
[ ] Winbond W83L51xD SD/MMC Card Interface support

The mmc driver gets loaded as seen in the output
mentioned in the above link. The FPGAs that get mapped
are, fpga:5 and fpga:a, fpga:b. In /proc/devices I see
254 registered with mmc. There is /dev/mmc already in
base.cramfs filesystem provided by ARM, but, do we
need to mount it?

I have a Sandisk 256 MB CF which I place in the MMC
slot, but, I don't see any detection or relevant
output in dmesg. There is a mmc0, mmc1 displayed in
dmesg with address, irq details. Is this relevant? 

Do the above mentioned drivers compiled in the kernel
sufficient to use the SD/MMC interface? Or do we have
to write our own drivers?

Any help in this regard is appreciated.


K Shakthi

Shakthi Kannan, MS
Software Engineer, Specsoft (Hexaware Technologies)
[E]: shakthik@hexaware.com           [M]: (91) 98407-87007
[W]: http://www.shakthimaan.com      [L]: Chennai, India

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