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Re: Debian on Linksys NSLU2 howto


A very nice piece of documentation. Have you sent it to embeddedlinuxdevices.com?

Makes me want to go get an NSLU2 to hack...


Peter Korsgaard wrote:


I have just finished writing a little howto about installing Debian on a
Linksys NSLU2 which might interest somebody here.

The NSLU2 is a cheap (~75 euros) consumer device containing a 266MHz
ARM (Intel IXP420) processor, ethernet, USB2.0, 8MB flash and 32MB
sdram - it's a quite cheap way for people to get a non-x86 Debian box.

See http://peter.korsgaard.com/articles/debian-nslu2.php for details.

Comments and feedback welcome.

Bill Gatliff

"Emacs is my operating system,
 and Linux its device driver."  --Bake Timmons

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