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Re: where can I buy an ARM dev board or a PDA ?

Hello , 
	I am an engineer working for UTC-OTIS elevator company. I love to
share the resource of China with the other engineer around the world.
actually in China there is a lot of cheap dev board based on ARM9. but I
don't know how could you buy them, maybe the board only cost 250.00USD
~300USD,  the following is the hardware resource. If you need help, I can
contact the Post office to make sure whether this kind of goods could be
export by UPS, DHL or not.
1	 CPU	 Samsung S3C2410X,200MHz266Mhz	 	
2	 ROM	 1 MB AMD Flash ROM
64M Samsung Nand Flash R	 	
3	 RAM	 64Mbytes SDRAM,133MHz	 	
4	 LAN	 10M Ethernet,RJ-45	 	
5	 SERIAL	 一个DB9	 	
6	 USB	 USB Host A)	 USB Slave B	 	
7	 Audio	 
8	 RTC	 32.768KHz	 	
9	 JTAG	 20pin(2.0mm)	 	
10	 SD Card	 	
11	 LED	 4 	
12	 Keypad	 4keypads	 	
13	 Switch	 1	 	
14	 Reset	 1	 	
15	 Power	1 +5V	 	
16	 Fixed Hole	 6	 	
17	 Boardsize	 120mmx90mm	

>Best Regards
>E-mail:   Quan.Chen@OTIS.com <mailto:Quan.Chen@OTIS.com> 
>Otis Engineering Center Shanghai 
>4th Floor, Building #5 ,3000 Longdong Avenue, 
>Pudong, Shanghai, China,  201203 
>Tel : 86-21- 68790118×107
>Fax: 86-21-68790002  

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