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Course / teaching

The University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Extension program
for Embedded Computer Engineering (ECE) held a meeting on Thursday.
It turns out that there is considerable interest among the potential
student community (and their employers, who pay for the courses)
in having a course that teaches "Arm Processor Programming".

While this is in principle only tangential to the Debian Arm port,
from an instructional point of view I think it is a good idea to
avoid cross compilers and associated complexities ... early on.
Therefore, running Debian on a native Arm platform and using its
toolchains to build application code and pre-bootloader binaries
should make it easier for people to get to grips with the target.

If you are interested in being involved in any way, please contact me.
I currently teach "Embedded Linux" and will try to answer questions.
I would really like to see this course offered by people who know
the processor family well and want more skilled engineers out there.
UCSD-E programs accept instructor teams that share the workload
and the course could be offered as online or onsite (or both).

Students generally learn better with a hardware based project;
Alternate suggestions (under $200) are hereby solicited.

The discussion of the course offerings at the meeting yesterday actually
proposed to add "+" a few courses to the "-" existing lineup to achieve
a more integrated and structured offering:

- Linux System Administration   [this is Red Hat specific]
+ Debian System Administration
+ Embedded Debian Devices
- Embedded Linux
- Real Time Embedded Linux Devices
+ Arm Microprocessor Programming
+ Comedi

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