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Re: seeking d-i build system

Am Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2005 19:24 schrieb Joey Hess:
> [ Please CC replie to me. ]
> I'm looking for a volenteer to do daily debian-installer image builds on
> the arm. You need to be a debian developer and the build will probably
> use 1+ hours of cpu per day.
> This was previously handled by Vincent Sanders, but his builds[1] have been
> down since October. Without daily arm builds, we have no current arm
> images to point users to.

How is this meant? Is there a need for a machine to do this job? If it is 
that, and the job can run more or less automatically, maybe I can help, 
though I am not a debian developer. But I have a ARM based router (more 
precisely based on a Simtec Bast) at home, which runs Debian testing and 
currently spends its spare CPU time (around 99%) to distributed.net. It could 
also do something more useful, provided it does not cause too much network 
traffic (say max. 1GB per month).

Peter Teichmann

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