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Re: Bug#285396: [ARM] wide chars don't work

Keith Packard wrote:
> Around 23 o'clock on Jan 11, Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> > Exactly. xlib seems to use the sum of the size of the primitives in an
> > element instead of the size of the first element.
> No, Xlib assumes that the alignment of the struct or union is the alignment
> of the most restrictive element in that struct or union. Before ANSI C
> (note, not C99, but the original ANSI C which postdates Xlib), this was the
> way C worked.  That ANSI C permits more 'flexible' layout is an ABI
> incompatible change between K&R and ANSI C.

Correct, ANSI C tightened the rules a bit, mostly in order to make C
more portable.

> We're talking here about a struct containing two chars.  On almost every 
> machine we've seen, save the ARM, this is two bytes.  Would a structure 
> containing an array of two bytes also be padded to four bytes on this 
> architecture?

I would think so. I have, however, no detailed knowledge about the ARM


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