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Re: Bug#285396: [ARM] wide chars don't work

Jim Gettys wrote:
> > Well, and deliberate ABI changes are frowned upon by toolchain people.
> > To me (without having looked further than the bug report) this seems to
> > be an implementation bug in xlib, which appears to assume some magic
> > number as element granularity in the array instead of the proper
> > sizeof(element). So the correct fix for it wouldn't be
> > architecture-dependent.
> Depends on your point of view.

I don't think so. xlib makes assumptions which aren't guaranteed by C,
this should IMHO be fixed regardless of the ARM situation.

> One point of view is that the current ARM definition is different than
> every other platform, and should be fixed.

Strictly speaking, the ARM impementation of gcc is allowed to behave
that way by the C standard. Not exercising this degree of freedom may
be desireable to keep broken code working, but I'll leave it to the
ARM people to weigh the tradeoff.

(Such an alignment requirement is surely unusal, I suspect it might
turn out to be some unintended gcc behaviour.)


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