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Re: This is a buildd issue

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Hey, that worked!  Now, how to dig in and try to get that one file to
compile with -O0 during the build...

Hint: you can override CFLAGS etc in makefiles on a per-target basis. The info pages describe it under "info make Target-specific" or see http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_chapter/make_6.html#SEC77

With autoconf/automake getting the target name right can be tricky... it needs to match what autoconf/automake generates exactly. I think what you'll want is along the lines of:

.libs/Theme.o : CFLAGS = $(CFLAGS) -O0

possibly with "override" keyword specified as well, in case CFLAGS was specified via environement varibles to make. The above assumes that the -O2 was in the original CFLAGS; gcc will normally use whichever value was specified last.


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