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Re: SIG_INT filtered out

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 06:14:39PM +0200, olivier.delouya@takasic.fr wrote:
> I cannot configure my terminal emlation (and underlying serial line) so 
> that 
> the <ctrl c> key interrupts the current process..
> It seems to be really filtered out, for instance a <ctrl v> results in 
> displaying ^v
> while <ctrl c> has no appearent effect..
> Does someone has an idea 

Using which terminal emulator?

Works fine in minicom of course.

Some idiotic windows programs think control-c should be copy rather than
sent to the other end of the serial link.

Putty or teraterm are decent choices for windows users, with minicom
seyon are nice on unix.

hyperterm is of course useless for anything.

Len Sorensen

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