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[ARM] bast d-i install attempt

Package: installation-reports

Debian-installer-version: ARM pre-rc2 sarge netinst CD image
uname -a: ?? (platform is a Simtec EB2410ITX-G - aka 'bast')
Date: Fri Oct  1 22:47:12 PDT 2004

Method: Full log from serial console follows.

Note, details of a previous d-i install attempt on this HW
platform can be found here:



ARM pre-rc2 sarge netinst CD was in a locally attached CDROM
drive (ide slave). An ATA hard drive was attached as the ide


SuperIO controller fitted
Detecting SDRAM size
SDRAM: BANK6 size 04000000
SDRAM: BANK7 size 04000000
ABLE: 1.98 (bast,s3c2410x) (vince@gerald) Wed Jun  2 00:07:42 BST 2004
System: Machine bast/s3c2410x, Linux id 0x014b
Processor: Samsung S3C2410X (arm920) (0)
þS3C2410X RTC: 18:58:37, 01/10/2004

stray char at begining of this line is a bootloader bug ?

NAND: configured boot slot is 0 (card slot)
EEPROM: 24cXX, 1024 bytes, single byte addressed
(nvram0) on (24cxx)
Setting CPU Speed to 203MHz
no confiuration, defaulting to vga
X/Y values invalid, configuring automatically
Chrontel CH7006 detected
screen mode is 640x480, ?Hz, ?Hz HSync
video: video size 300K
configuring ch7006: vga
selected serial for console write stream
selected serial for console read stream
DRAM: 128 Mb (134217728 bytes)
BAST: PMU version 1.02, ID 00:01:3d:00:01:04
ABLE: 1.98 (bast,s3c2410x) (vince@gerald) Wed Jun  2 00:07:42 BST 2004
hda: Maxtor 2F040L0: ATAhdb: ATAPI CDROM: Slimtype DVD-ROM LSD-081

lack of '\n' before hdb: details is a bootloader bug ?

diagnosing drive: ok
(hda) 38GB
(hdb) 71MB
(cd0) on ((hdb1):iso9660)
(rom0) on (nor0)
DM9000: dm0: r0, 00:01:3d:00:01:04 int phy, link down
NE2000: ne0: ISA/Generic, 00:01:3d:00:01:05 (EEPROM Invalid / Missing)
sys.autoshadow unset, automatically shadowing
boot.cmd unset, defaulting to '(cd0)install.sh'
Autoboot in 8 seconds (attempt 1), Press any key to abort
shell-hist (is unset)
cons-write  = serial
cons-read  = serial
boot.auto (is unset)
boot.cmd (is unset)
boot.timeout  = 8
ide.multi-limit (is unset)
fb.enable (is unset)
fb.output (is unset)
fb.y (is unset)
fb.x (is unset)
sys.autoshadow (is unset)
sys.speed  = 203
>setargs root=/dev/ram rw console=ttySAC0,115200 s3c2410fb_disable=yes
>load (cd0)/install/bast/vmlinuz-2.4.27-bast (cd0)/install/bast/initrd.gz
loaded (cd0)/install/bast/vmlinuz-2.4.27-bast, 0xfbf6c bytes at 0x00008000
loaded (cd0)/install/bast/initrd.gz, 0x15336a bytes at 0x00408000

The above commands are derived from:


The bast can load and run bootloader scripts directly from a local
filesystem, so it would be _very_ nice to have these commands in a
script somewhere in the ARM d-i install CD filesystem...

boot: booting 'linux'
Booting Linux
Uncompressing Linux.......................................................................... done, booting the kernel.
nzat  .oretf-U sni2c rn0r

Early boot messages from the serial port are garbled (incorrect setup
of uart baud rate perhaps ??). This is also true for the 2.4.25 d-i
bast kernel.

ttySAC%d0 at MMIO 0xd8800000 (irq = 70) is a S3C2410
ttySAC%d1 at MMIO 0xd8804000 (irq = 73) is a S3C2410
ttySAC%d2 at MMIO 0xd8808000 (irq = 76) is a S3C2410
Registering BAST serial ports
S3C2410 LCD/VGA Console support
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 80x60
keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?(ed)
keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?(f4)
pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
lp0: using parport0 (polling).
Installing S3C2410 RTC 
S3C Real Time Clock driver v1.00
ppdev: user-space parallel port driver
S3C2410 Watchdog Timer: timer margin 20 sec
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000
pgd = c0004000
[00000000] *pgd=00000000, *pmd = 00000000
Internal error: Oops: 805
CPU: 0
pc : [<c002fd2c>]    lr : [<c002714c>]    Not tainted
sp : c03eff34  ip : 40000013  fp : c03eff40
r10: 3001ba40  r9 : 41129200  r8 : c03eff44
r7 : c0267490  r6 : c0267488  r5 : c03ee000  r4 : c0267488
r3 : c03eff4c  r2 : 00000000  r1 : c03eff44  r0 : c0267494
Flags: nZcv  IRQs off  FIQs on  Mode SVC_32  Segment kernel
Control: C000317F  Table: 30004000  DAC: 0000001D
Process swapper (pid: 1, stack limit = 0xc03ee374)
Stack: (0xc03eff34 to 0xc03f0000)
ff20:                                              c03eff74 c03eff44 c002714c 
ff40: c002fd00 00000001 c03ee000 c0267494 00000000 c0021420 c0232db8 c0267488 
ff60: c023ec78 c0226dac c03effa4 c03eff78 c00273ac c0027110 c0232db8 0000ffff 
ff80: c0232d36 00000068 c011b570 c0021420 c0224000 c023ec84 c03effb8 c03effa8 
ffa0: c0013d54 c011b548 c0021420 c03effcc c03effbc c000876c c0013d14 00000000 
ffc0: c03effdc c03effd0 c00087b4 c0008764 c03efff4 c03effe0 c002208c c0008798 
ffe0: 00000000 c0224000 00000000 c03efff8 c00261f8 c002208c fdbc3ff9 d35c7fdf 
Function entered at [<c002fcf0>] from [<c002714c>]
Function entered at [<c0027100>] from [<c00273ac>]
 r8 = C0226DAC  r7 = C023EC78  r6 = C0267488  r5 = C0232DB8
 r4 = C0021420 
Function entered at [<c011b538>] from [<c0013d54>]
 r6 = C023EC84  r5 = C0224000  r4 = C0021420 
Function entered at [<c0013d04>] from [<c000876c>]
 r4 = C0021420 
Function entered at [<c0008754>] from [<c00087b4>]
 r4 = 00000000 
Function entered at [<c0008788>] from [<c002208c>]
Function entered at [<c002207c>] from [<c00261f8>]
 r5 = C0224000  r4 = 00000000 
Code: e5902004 e5803004 e5810008 e5832004 (e5823000) 
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

I don't have linux installed at all at the moment and I've long
since lost the Simtec Woody install CD which came with the
board... therefore my bast is a brick until I get d-i working ;-)

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