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Music-Tech.Net Newsletter

Title: Music-Tech.Net Newsletter-
We ask that you acknowledge receipt of this invitation.

Music-Tech.Net Newsletter
August 28, 2004

"Your Premier Digital Recording Store Reaching the Global Community"

It is with great honor that Music-Tech.Net extends to you this invitation:

Music-Tech.Net, an innovative retailer of digital recording products, operates on a revolutionary request for quote business model. We are able to give to you up to the minute low prices on an enormous inventory from many suppliers and distributors. Our online catalogue contains product specials and features; however, we are able to supply the products from the manufacturers you need.

Visit to request a quote:


Research shows that learning to read music facilitates learning in the academic areas. Try Music Ace 1 and 2 for your child.



Consider the "new" Cakewalk Home Studio Version 2 and the Edirol UA-20 Audio Capture USB Audio/MIDI Interface.



We offer the Bravo II Disc Publisher for desktop CD duplication at the lowest price available. We are your Primera authorized reseller with all products and accessories.


We also offer to you the premier audio computer for which there is no exception. The MusicXPC is optimized for efficient audio production. As a MusicXPC dealer we can customize a bundle for you and give you an exceptional value on this state of the art computer.


As an avid attender to quality music who knows the importance of championing and supporting developing artists, it is a great pleasure to ask you to examine and to cast your vote for the deserving indie artist in the Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase.

An Award of Distinction and a gift certificate is given to the winner of the
Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase.

The showcase awards one independent artist or band per quarter, and the first quarter ends October 20, 2004. The Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase is the perfect way to support emerging artists.


Receive a 5% rebate when you mention code: nkjn14mtn56.

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Suite 320-129
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Phone 1 800 278 4931
Fax 404 795 0821

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"Presenting the finest of the finest Artists, Products and Services "

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