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integer ogg123 for arm

Hello All,

I have recently hacked together ogg123 to use the vorbis tremor fixed
point decompression library under arm linux.  Thanks to Luke's work on
igg123 for freebsd and the writers of the tremor library.  I would like to
package these up and get them included in the regular arm-linux

I have a couple of questions on how to accomplish this.

The first issue is the tremor library.  The tremor library is currently
licenced, per http://www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis , under the bsd license,
which I have yet to read.  What is the debian policy on including bsd
licensed packages?

Does the bsd license extend the definition of acceptable copying policies
from that of the file COPYING from the tremor code?

I used Luke's tremor-tools as a template for this.  I would like his
opinion on extending his code and puting it into the debian arm distro.
Luke please let me know your opinions either way.

Also I have some questions, specificaly on how to package this.  Basicaly
it is a patch against vorbis-tools.  But it will not build all parts of
this source package, only ogg123.  Is it sufficient to turn off the other
parts of the vorbis-tools package for the arm port?

I have a bug in the code as well.  It's a libtool issue, which I have not
used too much.  Basicaly, I can't link against one of the library for utf8
translation for some unknown reason.  Can a bug be logged against this
when the packages are ready?

Oh, and I am currently not a debian developer, so I would need someone to
accept these packages as theirs, or sponsor me.


Chris Gorman

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